"SOS rehydrates you three times faster than drinking water alone, and beats all competing hydration drinks in all metrics." - Dr. Blanca Mayo


Optimise hydration to improve overall human performance. Convenient organic electrolyte drink to increase stamina and recover faster. Absorb 3x more water than water on its own!

Flight Dehydration

Feel tired while traveling? Arrive revived and ready to go with SOS!

Sports Electrolyte Hydration

Perform at your best using a winning formula.

Alcohol Dehydration

Revive and recover after a good night out with friends.

Fast Acting Healthy Hydration

Feel great everyday with a fast acting, healthy hydration.

The three things ‘S’s’ that help you get through that last set.
1. Strip down
2. Spike up
3. SOS Hydration
Surrounded by water and staying hydrated is very important in life and as an athlete. Love SOS Hydration.
Saturday survival SOS Hydration. @lizclay_
I really like the coconut flavour. SOS doesn’t upset my stomach post run like some other brands.
Monday’s are for staying hydrated for longer. SOS for morning tea. The ultimate refuel after my first half marathon.
Tastes great, refreshing and easy to drink – instead of sugary. Amazing product for sports, hangovers and firefighting.
SOS packs a wonderful natural tasting flavour without the stickly sweetness (and sometimes resultatnt stomach upsets) you find these days in sports drinks. SOS lets me perform for longer, recover faster and get my back on my feet in record time.
I work in the construction industry and its a great product to take to work. The convenience of small sachets makes it easy to put into your bottle of water whenever you need to. Water isn’t enough for me and SOS helps keep me hydrated and focused especially on a hot day in the sun.
I tried SOS for the first time yesterday, free samples on Bicycle Qld’s Great Brisbane Bike Ride, I found the product great, good taste, not too sweet, and seemed to make rehydration just that bit easier, it is a product I intend using on future rides.
I love every flavour. We all need more then water every other day. SOS Hydration is the perfect choice as there is less sugar.
This product literally helped me out with my mountain hike. I was at 1000 metres above sea level and my legs suddenly decided to cramp and lock up, I was unable to move.
I forgot to pack my electrolytes in my first aid kit, luckily a random hiker stopped by and handed me a “Mango Flavored” SOS Hydration sachets. Within 10 minutes my cramps started disappearing and I slowly regained movement.
Current favourite is definitely coconut!


Electrolyte Support for Your Active Lifestyle


    SOS - 3X More Electrolyte Replacement & Rehydration Drink Powder
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