"SOS rehydrates you three times faster than drinking water alone, and beats all competing hydration drinks in all metrics." - Dr. Blanca Mayo

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks, to be effective and do what they are meant to do, rehydrate and replace electrolytes,  need to contain some sugar to help with this reaction/absorption.

The concern from a dietary perspective with most sports drinks is they are overloaded with sugar, this is due to a combination of having the glucose to help with absorption but then adding more sugar to mask the salty taste of the electrolytes. What you end up with is a carbohydrate loaded drink that is forcing unnecessary calorie intake while rehydrating.

The consumption of a highly concentrated carbohydrate solution during exercise can force the intestines to intervene to dilute this solution before absorption. The intestines do this by temporarily shifting fluids away from muscle cells which will have a negative impact on both muscle function and sweat rates because it causes a temporary degree of plasma and tissue dehydration.

Sports Supplements

Sports supplements available on the market can create a similar effect to premixed sports drinks. Although claiming to be a hydration formula the majority of the popular ones are also formulated to fuel the body. This can be seen at first glance as a positive, however if you are looking to purely hydrate without the added energy/sugar this becomes an issue.

What is clear is most sports supplement are not just about hydration. This means if you are also taking fuel in a form of a gel for example, the concentration of carbohydrates within your intestines can climb quite quickly causing the issues mentioned above.

It is also not uncommon to use fluid quicker than you use fuel, especially on hot days, so you end up with a situation where you are over fuelling. This is why it makes more sense to use a fuel you trust as a standalone and leave the hydration to a  specialist like SOS Hydration.

SOS Rehydrate - The right balance

The balance and concentration of electrolytes is also important . To gain the electrolytes available in consuming SOS you need to consume a significant 3 to 7 times the volume of leading sports drinks, significantly increasing sugar intake upwards of 20 times the same dose that SOS delivers.

How SOS Hydration is able to achieve this balance is with its uniquely formulated composition, achieving not only the perfect composition of electrolytes but just the right amount of sugar for the reaction to take place and then using stevia to sweeten further for taste.

Sports Drinks Supplements and Supplement Drink
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