"SOS rehydrates you three times faster than drinking water alone, and beats all competing hydration drinks in all metrics." - Dr. Blanca Mayo
Dangers of Dehydration

Knowing the causes of dehydration is also very important, as it can help to tackle the ensuing problems from the very beginning.

Tired Woman After Workout

The importance of proper hydration during exercise cannot be understated, especially when exercising for an extended time.

Athlete with Leg Cramps while Running

Learn more about this problem and a few tips to become a better runner while avoiding cramps.

Woman Sitting Down and Taking a Breath During Cold Winter Run

Just remember to follow the tips provided in this article and you won’t have to suffer with cabin fever this winter.

Running in Winter Season

When the weather gets colder, and especially now during the pandemic, we tend to rely more on indoor training and may not be as conscious of the need to remain hydrated.

Drinking Water to Boost Immune System

Maintaining optimal health is strongly linked to a strong immune system that defends your body against viruses, bacteria and other toxins that threaten your health daily.

Family Prevent Corona Virus

It is important to stay hydrated at all times to help keep your immune system strong and maintain the function of every system in your body.

Hangover Cure Drink

A hangover leaves many wondering why they ever had a drink in the first place. The good news is you can have your fun without such a crazy hangover if you hydrate the right way.

Dehydration Flu Treatment and Prevention

Fighting off the flu can be rather exhausting. For this reason, staying hydrated is the best way of ensuring that your …

Hangover Cure Drink Mix

Drink Mix Filled with the Electrolytes How many of us have woken up from a night out with friends and felt …

What is Electrolytes

What’s the science behind electrolytes Electrolytes may seem like a mere buzzword to the uninformed. You know it’s something you’re supposed …

Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand is trying to force more sugar into the formula.

We Don’t Want More Sugar! SOS Hydration believes in a healthy and effective way of rehydration. However, the Food Standards of …

Solo Man Drinking Sports Drink

Are You a Solo Man? Debatably one of the most iconic ad campaigns, the ‘Solo Man’ has been showing the benefits …

What is Cellular Hydration?

Why Drinking More Water Isn’t Enough Staying hydrated takes more than just increasing your fluid intake. Here’s everything you need to …

How Dehydration Affects Your Brain Function

Brain Damage from Dehydration Among the many adverse effects of dehydration, its effect on your brain is among the most severe. …

6 signs your body is telling you: you’re dehydrated

Dehydration is one of athletes’ worst enemies. In order to maximise your performance, you need to find the right way to …

Pregnancy Photo of Heidi Kristoffer

Why Is Hydration Important During Pregnancy? If you’re expecting, proper hydration is paramount. There are many reasons for this, so you …

Warning Signs for Running

Are you in denial about your running problem? See how many of the warning signs you recognise? You finish your run, …


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